Have you ever wanted to do something other than sit at a shooting bench and destroy paper targets? 
Have you ever thought about improving your firearm handling skills?
Are you looking for a setting that is friendly and fun?

Look no further! The Dubuque Chapter of the Izaak Walton League Of America, a nationwide organization dedicated to protecting our environment from harm, promoting outdoor recreation such as Fishing, Hunting, and the Shooting Sports, has just what you are looking for!   Our 25+ acres of land located between Dubuque and Peosta Iowa have plenty of opportunities to quench your need for all of these things!

To the left you will see tabs for each of our various types of shooting that we do during the summer months here in Iowa.  Contact information, as well as information about our Chapter, can be found at www.iwla.org/dubuque.

At the Dubuque Chapter Izaak Walton League grounds, we offer many different types of shooting for almost all ages and experience levels.   With a membership to our Chapter, you instantly obtain discounts to our shooting events-up to $5 depending on the event!  

As with all shooting sports, SAFETY is the number one priority!  Proper firearm handling, safe operation, proper eye and ear protection and common sense are all required at our range.  If you choose not to follow all of these guidelines, we are not the range for you.   We run a COLD RANGE.  This means that all firearms are UNLOADED until you get to the firing lines.  This applies to all of our pistol leagues as well as our clay bird events.