Steel Plate Rack

Each year we have a little something on the opposite Thursdays from the IDPA league.  This year we are having what we are calling a “Steel Plate Rack League”.

We’ll be shooting all types of steel plates- poppers, racks, dueling tree, slammers, spinners… you name it—If its safe to shoot we’ll shoot it!

Pistols and shotguns are what will be used for this type of shooting. 

Shooting steel plates is something very different from paper- the DING!! you hear is very satisfying and fun as wellIf you want to shoot some nights, but not all-- you can pay nightly-- or pay for the 6 shoot season. 

If paying each night- Non-Dbq Ike's members $10 / Dbq Ike's members $5

If paying in one lump sum for the whole season- Non Ike's $50 / Dbq Ike's Members $30

It pays to be a member!  

Each night shooting starts at 5:30 pm-- don't be late!

Week 1 April 27th

Week 2 May 25th

Week 3 Jun 22nd

Week 4 July 27th

Week 5 Aug 24th

Week 6 Sept 28th