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cull [kul] transitive verb (past and past participle culled, present participle cullĀ·ing, 3rd person present singular culls) Definition: 1. remove somebody or something as worthless: to remove an inferior person or thing from a group 2. to remove an animal, especially a sick one, from a herd horde or flock

GUNS: "Run what ya brung". Most folks use their carry-pistols, making this an opportunity to practice real-world self-defense drills. But some want to try their home-defense skills with shotguns, AR-15s, AK-47s, etc, so even though our scenarios are set-up for pistols, but we make appropriate accommodation for rifles by extending their distance from the targets. Rifles & pistols may use calibers .22 and up (sorry, no .50 BMG)

You'll usually need about 50 rounds of ammo for the day, but since most courses of fire do not limit how many shots you can take, you may wish to bring more. Large-capacity magazines are helpful, and over-kill is encouraged.

We accommodate those who might be handicapped in some manner, but generally our scenarios may require you to run, shoot on-the-move, break-through doors, etc. We also frequently use moving and reactive targets.

We have culls scheduled throughout the year. That's great fun in the summer, but can be downright miserable in off-seasons. Regardless the weather it's a chance to try your skills and tools in pleasant or adverse conditions. We run pretty-much rain or shine, so dress for hot-weather or mud, rain or freezing cold - check the weather before you come!
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the culls are hosted at the Izaak Walton League Dubuque Chapter, located about a mile North of Highway 20. This is about 5 mi. West of Dubuque, 1 mi. East of Peosta. Plug the address: 11001 Thunder Hills Road, Peosta, IA 52068 into your GPS.

COST for 2015:
Just $10 for Izaak Walton members, but open to all for only $15 per shooter.


Now you know what to expect from us, here are some things we expect from YOU... act like an adult, using an ATTITUDE of safety! There may be 30+ shooters, so we'll break-into squads and everyone will need to do some of the work.
Each squad will have a designated safety officer, but we also need folks to keep score, paste & reset targets, pick-up brass, and leave everything ready for the next squad, so please be willing to help.
Want MORE info?
We try to e-mail the scenarios a few days before the cull so you can choose which weapons and ammo to use, and maybe plan how you'll try to run the courses. We'll also follow-up each cull with a copy of the scores, so you can watch your improvement from cull to cull, or compare your results with your friend's. See our "RULES" page for more info, or member-up and visit the forum..